Central Park

No one can escape the laws of Nature.  In Central Park, no one would want to. Photosynthesis produces oxygen. Water evaporates from the Atlantic Coast in the Americas and becomes swirls of vapor collecting in ever rotating clouds, which move, in predictable weather patterns, and fall to the earth again as rain in the Atlantic Ocean and then the pattern continues to Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Pacific Ocean. Gravity is the force that makes objects fall downward and holds all of us to the Earth. Round balls roll farther than square cubes. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The moon draws the water in the ocean, causing tidal activity. The earth, spinning like a 24-hour top, revolves around the sun. And exquisite things and processes beget other exquisite things and processes. The ugly, hideous, crude and vulgar cannot give birth to the beautiful. Yet, when the revolting, vile things are removed, beauty remains. What is left can be dazzling.

Central Park was born from the beautiful within New York City through the recruiting efforts of Andrew Jackson Downing, and the work of Vaux and Olmstead. Central Park satisfies the desire for beauty, from John and Yoko’s Strawberry Field to ice-skating in the summertime. Joggers jog, horses trot, dogs run, and children play. A building could just be a building with the purpose of housing people. But the beauty of architectural styles and details benefit people passing by, photographers recording it or students scrutinizing it.  Builders built what beautiful minds dreamed and planned; everyone else benefitted.  Life should be that way, Vieve thought.  Stunning collaborations.

From The Song of the Willow, by R. A. Labrenz, to be released 11/15/2017

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Wonderful Wisdom from Margie Warrell, Executive Life Coach, Women’s Advocate & Author

“One of my favorite sayings is ‘You get what you tolerate.’ This applies in spades to your relationships. Failing to speak up about something carries the implication that you are OK with it—that you are prepared to continue tolerating it. As a companion saying goes, ‘Silence means consent.’ If you tolerate snide or offensive remarks from your boss or colleague, the remarks will continue. If you tolerate your spouse’s lack of consideration for your feelings, it will continue. If you tolerate the disregard of people who regularly turn up late for meetings or social engagements, they will continue to keep you cooling your heels. If you tolerate your child’s lack of respect, you will continue to get no respect. Each time you tolerate a behavior, you are subtly teaching that person that it is OK to treat you that way.”

Margie Warrell, Find Your Courage!

Executive Life Coach, Women’s advocate, Author

The Origins of the ‘Dumb Polack Joke’

Did you know that Polish “jokes” originated from WW2 Nazi German propaganda which tried to mainstream the idea that Poles are intellectually inferior or have subhuman intelligence?  My friends with non-American roots told me that the Poles were the intelligentsia of Europe and it was Hitler’s intention to eradicate all the educated Poles to prove his point.  I read the exhibit at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., which testifies to this fact.

Nazi German propaganda that the Nazi Germans repeated over and over until it took a life of its own was using the “Big Lie” technique. The Big Lie is defined as “the intentional distortion of the truth, especially for political or official purposes.” This tactic of trying to deceive a country’s citizens was written about by Adolph Hitler. [“The great mass of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.” Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), Mein Kampf, Vol. 1, Chapter 10, 1925].  For more information, click on:

I agree with the Polish American Journal when they state:  “Despite the fact there is less tolerance for Polish jokes today than decades ago (due, in part to the Civil Rights movement, and the increased use of social media, which is quick to point out injustices), this does not mean Polish jokes have been eradicated. There are still unsophisticated people out there insecure with their own ethnic identity, who take pleasure in making themselves feel better, by ridiculing other groups of people. Not to mention there are still Anti-Polish bigots who use hate websites and other media to push these subhuman intelligence jokes about Polish people. Polish people, and people of decency everywhere, should always speak out against these racist Polish jokes as well as degrading ethnic jokes of all nationalities.”

We have voices.  Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur. Loosely translated, this Latin maxim means “He who remains silent is understood to consent.”  Point of law.

The Poles We Descended From

As a child in Chicago, the family discussions I listened to were amazing.  Smart, sensible, educated Poles are this way.  For fun, they’ll throw a subject out to twenty people and listen to the various points of view, without judgment.  They encourage the marketplace of ideas. Left to their own underlying principles, free, decent individuals have the wisdom to sift through competing, challenging and even opposing proposals in an open environment of consideration and exchange, allowing truth, or at least the best possible outcome, to be found.  They prefer deep conversations to meaningless chatter. Eleanor Roosevelt pegged this when she said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  You won’t find authentic people gossiping about others or giving their opinions on the latest famous humiliations, celebrity or otherwise. They know all of that stuff is nothing more than cultural bits and pieces, and they choose to spend their time on what matters.  Free expression is valuable because it serves to develop and sustain the rationale of people and to influence and facilitate the search for truth.

I’m all for facilitating the search for truth. I think it will help anyone to find the way to unglut their own agitation.



If a person holds a grudge, how will they feel when they find a grudge is being held against them?

To be forgiving doesn’t mean that you forget.  But you reconcile with it.  Your body manifests the experience in your gut or your throat and you get that “gut” feeling that tells you something isn’t right so you don’t make that mistake again.  Or, your throat gets a lump and you know something is wrong.  Your body is protecting you with your own experience and you become wiser, less prone to make the same mistakes.

If a person doesn’t forgive, how can they be forgiven?

You reap what you sow.  Karma on steroids.

We can all choose to forgive.  Forgiveness is the wise choice.