Central Park

No one can escape the laws of Nature.  In Central Park, no one would want to. Photosynthesis produces oxygen. Water evaporates from the Atlantic Coast in the Americas and becomes swirls of vapor collecting in ever rotating clouds, which move, in predictable weather patterns, and fall to the earth again as rain in the Atlantic Ocean and then the pattern continues to Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Pacific Ocean. Gravity is the force that makes objects fall downward and holds all of us to the Earth. Round balls roll farther than square cubes. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The moon draws the water in the ocean, causing tidal activity. The earth, spinning like a 24-hour top, revolves around the sun. And exquisite things and processes beget other exquisite things and processes. The ugly, hideous, crude and vulgar cannot give birth to the beautiful. Yet, when the revolting, vile things are removed, beauty remains. What is left can be dazzling.

Central Park was born from the beautiful within New York City through the recruiting efforts of Andrew Jackson Downing, and the work of Vaux and Olmstead. Central Park satisfies the desire for beauty, from John and Yoko’s Strawberry Field to ice-skating in the summertime. Joggers jog, horses trot, dogs run, and children play. A building could just be a building with the purpose of housing people. But the beauty of architectural styles and details benefit people passing by, photographers recording it or students scrutinizing it.  Builders built what beautiful minds dreamed and planned; everyone else benefitted.  Life should be that way, Vieve thought.  Stunning collaborations.

From The Song of the Willow, by R. A. Labrenz, to be released 11/15/2017

To read her interview go to:  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Labrenz


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