The Poles We Descended From

As a child in Chicago, the family discussions I listened to were amazing.  Smart, sensible, educated Poles are this way.  For fun, they’ll throw a subject out to twenty people and listen to the various points of view, without judgment.  They encourage the marketplace of ideas. Left to their own underlying principles, free, decent individuals have the wisdom to sift through competing, challenging and even opposing proposals in an open environment of consideration and exchange, allowing truth, or at least the best possible outcome, to be found.  They prefer deep conversations to meaningless chatter. Eleanor Roosevelt pegged this when she said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  You won’t find authentic people gossiping about others or giving their opinions on the latest famous humiliations, celebrity or otherwise. They know all of that stuff is nothing more than cultural bits and pieces, and they choose to spend their time on what matters.  Free expression is valuable because it serves to develop and sustain the rationale of people and to influence and facilitate the search for truth.

I’m all for facilitating the search for truth. I think it will help anyone to find the way to unglut their own agitation.


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