Motivation To Write

The decision to become an Indie Author was easy — I wanted to control my work which would lead to a richer, more blissful experience.  Life itself is abundant with wonderful gifts:  The sunrise, friends and family, my rescue dog, Doc, that first sip of coffee, my prayer and meditation practice.  I love my life. If something happens that I don’t love, I get a chance to make it better.

Freedom of expression is a beautiful gift. When I am authentic and engaged in the moment I feel like a bird soaring to magnificent heights. I zoom in to view details and soar upwards to take in a wider landscape.

Readers are immensely important. They want to be entertained, sure. But I believe that reading a novel should be time well spent. People are more important than anything I possess. I truly wish them the very best. I want them to succeed. i want to keep them safe and provide hope and send them to beautiful futures — futures that are better than what they have now.

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